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Freelancer | Fertigungsüberwachung | Bauüberwachung | Internationale Qualitätskontrolle Project Manager, QA/QC Project Manager, Site Manager, Inspections, Inspector, Expeditor & Auditor for Contract Positions available

Offshore Windfarm Qualitätskontrolle "FAT Inner Array Grid Cable"
Offshore Windfarm Qualitätskontrolle "FAT Inner Array Grid Cable"


Innovative executive with extensive engineering experience across international markets. Analytical professional skilled in successfully leading complex projects from conception through completion. Experience with inspecting intricate building systems to ensure accurate and complete production in accordance with all guidelines and regulations. Extensive knowledge of and ability to implement quality control standards across all business and production platforms. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines and global units. 


Areas of Expertise include:

 Engineering  Operational Management     Procurement

 Inspection  Strategic Analysis                     Project Management

 Leadership  Supply Chain Management         Logistics




Available for Contract Position - Contact me:

Hans-Juergen Goebel 

Mob. +49 151 153 899 24 

Phone. +49 6073 744 6406

Skype ID: arogis


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