QA/QC Job descriptions to setup a Quality Organisation

QA/QC Job descriptions to setup a Quality Organisation

QA/QC Job descriptions:

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Assurance Quality Control Procurement Manager
  • Quality Assurance Quality Control Construction Manager (Site)
  • Quality Control Turn Over Engineer
  • Quality Control Senior Welding Inspector
  • Quality Control Site Discipline Inspectors
  • Certification Engineer
  • Audit Leader 



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Quality Assurance Manager

"The company Quality Assurance Manager is the representative of the project and has the responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system".

  • The preparation of the companies QA manual control and supervision of all amendments and revisions
  • Control and the distribution of all the companies quality documentation
  • Monitor all quality related activities on the project
  • Perform all internal and external audits on behalf of the companies management
  • Verify contractor quality requirements are specified to vendors and contractor documentation submittals.
  • Attend all pre-bid meetings and coordinate all project requirements with the project bidders.
  • Attend client quality management meetings
  • The preparation and control of project quality system management documentation prior to project commencement.
  • Review quality inspection personnel qualifications and training requirements
  • Monitor the disposition of all issued nonconformance reports.
  • Monitor the progress and effectiveness of the project quality management system. Recommend and implement improvements when required.
  • Coordinate all QA/QC activities with the site QC manager
  • Coordinate all QA/QC activities with the site QA/QC procurement manager
  • Coordinate all quality related correspondence with the customers representatives.
  • Monitor statistical method reporting.
  • Action and close all customer complaints
  • Control all achieve documentation upon the completion of the project.

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